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BROSTAFF Sticker V2 - This is the second version and is an original design by Karl Schwartz inspired by the awesome people who are members of "Fly Tying with Uncle Cheech" is a Parody of wannabe ProStaffers. LEGIT ProStaff is an absolute honor for some people who are approached to represent and promote different businesses, however many people in our industry just want free stuff and are willing to do anything for that free stuff, they are the brostaffers. This sticker also tackles the extreme douchery that exists in the sport of fly fishing and works hard to combat the d-bags by making fun of them, which might actually be classified as d-baggy. The 4" wide X 3.1" tall stickers is made from thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects it from scratching, rain and sunlight.

This sticker makes a great addition to a fly tying table, tool box, water bottle, fly box, fly rod tube, drift boat, truck, car, rod box, laptop or any other sticker-able surface around.

Materials: Digital Art,Art,Illustrator,Graphic Design
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